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Sweet Girl

Tell me, sweet girl,

Who told you that you would never amount to anything?

What is it that makes you believe that you don’t deserve love?

Why is it that you believe that fractures of your heart are too deep and too wide to be stitched together?

What is it, sweet girl,

That convinced you that the brokenness you carry is “too much”?

That the scars that you have been hiding make you weak?

That you will simply end up like the women that came before you?

Oh, sweet girl,

Do you hate what you have become?

Do you wish you could turn back time and merely blot out your existence?

Or do you wish that things were simply different?

When I look at you, sweet girl,

I see a fighter.

I see a world changer.

I see a girl who is so deserving of love.

You, sweet girl, are not defined by the things that have happened to you.

But you are a beautiful mosaic.

Pieced together with strength and hope and love.

And one day, sweet girl, when you are ready,

You will prove all those people wrong,

And shine for the whole world to see.

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