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Fall 2023
High School Writing Contest

From September through December 1st, 2024, The Crossings is accepting submissions of original, unpublished work from high school Juniors and Seniors. Writers may submit one of each category short fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry, for a total of four submissions.


A winner will be chosen by The Crossings editorial team from each of the four categories, and an overall first-place and second-place winner will be chosen from the winners of the four categories.


The winners from each of the four categories will have their pieces published in the print and online version of The Crossings and will receive a copy of the Spring 2024 Edition of The Crossings.

In addition, the overall first-place winner will receive a $4,000 scholarship and the overall second-place winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship to Bethel University.  In order to use this scholarship, the student will be a full-time residential student for Fall of 2024.  This scholarship cannot exceed tuition when combined with other scholarships.

Submission Guidelines

  • Writer must be a high school Junior or Senior (11th or 12th grade) as of Fall 2024.

  • All short fiction, non-fiction, and drama pieces should be between 500 and 2,500 words. Poetry submissions should be no more than 30 lines.

  • Previously published stories are not accepted.

  • Only one submission per person per category. Multiple submissions from one person will only be accepted if each piece is a different genre.

  • All submissions should be typed, double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or 11pt Arial.

  • Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

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