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Young Again

Oh, if only I could be young again! To just feel free again!  

Just one day to be a kid again. To have no responsibilities. 

No stress but only play.  


Why is it when you are young you always wish to be old  

And when you are old you wish to be young?  

Why can we never be content with where we are? 


Oh, if only I could be a kid again! 

I would love to go back to my young summer days. 

Running from one neighbor to the next, playing all day.  

Riding our bikes outside; smelling the fresh cut grass  

and making tree forts in the woods.  


On sizzling summer days, jump in the neighbor's pool, splashing  

And playing pool games all day! Sucking on freeze pops until our tongues turned blue;  

Feeling the sun kiss our sunburned skin and squinting our eyes.  

Running home in our wet suits, grass and dirt covering our feet.  


Oh, to be a kid again!  

Playing slip ‘n slide on the trampoline by smothering ourselves with dish soap  

And jumping over the sprinkler hidden underneath. Watching one another  

Jump into the big blue sky.  


Dancing all around in the house, listening to Chattanooga Choo-Choo 

Blaring from the ceiling speakers. 

Practicing on the white keys until my thumbs were numb. 

Awakened to the trumpet of Frank Sinatra ringing in my ears!  


Oh, to be young again, to relive these childhood memories.  

To experience them just once again! 

Everday we must choose to live like a child. To play and create joyful memories  

With ones that we will never forget.  

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