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Prayers in gethsemane Drowsy eleven Pleading for strength against the enemy Are these men really my succession?

Keep watch for one more hour? Betrayed with a kiss by a friend Disciples overpowered Meeting with the Sanhedrin to attend.

Guilty of sin! Paid for accusations Blasphemy it was him! Ulterior motivations

Spit his face Thrown to the ground Called a disgrace Religious leaders surround

Disowned disciple 30 pieces Judas suicidal Beating increases

Jesus before Pilate Crucify, crucify! Crowds be quiet, The laws to abide!

Innocence pleas Barabbas instead Called by all attendees Jesus left for dead

Naked, with kingly dress Thorny crown Jesus filled with distress Shoved to the ground

Beaten, whipped Blood torrents Flesh ripped Without warrants

Forty minus one Jesus cries out Murdering God’s son People begin to shout

Get the cross! Cyrene hesitations Dragging across Splinters in lacerations

Degraded Stumbling Paraded Mumbling

Exposed bone Indigo bruise Everything shown Crimson sinews

Mocked King of the Jews People flocked limping through avenues

Stopped Jesus fell Cross dropped Soldiers yell

Propped upright Nails through hands Without a fight On his own flesh he stands

Rebels left and right Idle commands Horrendous sight He doesn’t understand

Wine vinega Lugubrious women As your mother take her No glimpse of heaven

Dark cloud Celebration in the fire Demonic shroud From the mud and mire

Eloi eloi lema sabachthani Why have you forsaken me? He looked to the sky Breathes out clock strikes three

Veil torn Ground shakes People mourn Buried in the grave

Three days Arisen He pays I’m forgiven.

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