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Collection of Poems on Coronavirus

By Michelle Moraitis

Explanation: I have created four poems in response to the Coronavirus. They don’t directly talk about the Coronavirus, but they speak of the many truths that so many people have learned through this experience. They also related mostly to my experience of being home days on end, therefore, they aren’t not directly about Corona.  

Every Second – The Same Hours roll into days- And days become weeks. Day ebbs into night. And night disrupts the day. And they roll together, as wrestlers, as lovers. Until every second is the same -   Dark and light, evening and night. When you never leave, and always stay, even time himself, an endless, rushing river, seems to dam his way.     Clear Telescopes There is something wonderful about clear squares on the wall, showing movies all the time, offering free tickets.   With these, straining your eyes is a low possibility.   These clear squares, Never shift their eyes They stare at the neighbors The walkers Joggers And dogs, All the time.   Through these invisible telescopes I have been watching, and aging, from three to four to five. And as I rise - from nine to ten to twenty-five. I curiously gaze at life, cycling and spinning outside, in the breeze, through blades of grass and maple trees. But in the glare, through mirrored light, I also look inside.     Aggravatingly Lazy Sprawled on the couch, hardly moving,         legs twitching, as I consider the possibility                     through thinking, pondering                              of shifting, just slightly.                                        But my body is unresponsive,                                                   like a tractor wheel                                                            hardly turning                                                                    through thick, sticky,                                                                                heavy sludge.                                                                            My leg inching, ever so slightly                                                          to the right of the ottoman.                                                Maybe I should rise -                                   grab some coffee to pass time.                                But the couch is lulling me, and I am sinking,                       falling prisoner to tv and lazy,              back into the cushions sprawled and hardly moving.                     We Will Be Heroes We will embrace our children and parade the streets, Laughing and cheering, our helmets on tight. Rolling down the hills, hair in the wind    Riding faster and faster, Till we learn to fly.   We will play games with our children, to pass the time, whooping and jeering for wins and tragedies. We play for several hours, growing ever so sleepy, till we learn that this is family.   We will be brave for our children, in the face of uncertainty. Tucking in our little ones, we pray for our worries, courageous enough to sink on our knees. This is what it means -    to be a hero and fight for peace.

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