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“Attention shoppers! Attention shoppers! There is no more toilet paper and Clorox wipes. We are completely out. Please try another store!”

That is what the overhead speaker was saying at the grocery store. Out of toilet paper? Out of Clorox wipes? What is happening? This is not something that is a joke anymore. The coronavirus is here and in the United States. It is not something in a different country far away from us. We need to be serious about this. But we also don’t need to be so crazy that we are buying all of the toilet paper from all of the stores.

All of the schools are closing. All of the K-12 schools are closing, and some are closed until the end of the year. How is that even possible? It just seems like my little brother and sister were counting down the days until spring break. Now they are all on a “break” but still are having to do school. Most of them are doing e-learning or school online. But my brother and sister are doing all of the pages that their teachers are giving them as well as some online school so that they can ask their teachers specific questions. Colleges are closing until the end of the year and sending all of the students home. All of the in-person classes have been canceled and have moved online so that students can finish their semesters. Students semesters were cut short because of this virus. No one knew it was going to happen this way. There were students that were not ready to go home, and just wanted to finish the rest of their semester like usual. It was a shock to them as well as the professors, who were just going on about their normal day and schedule, and now have to change everything. Including how they teach their students. No one was prepared or ready for this to happen. Everyone was thrown into this, working and teaching from home.

When you first heard about quarantine everyone thought it was going to be fun and cool to just stay at home for a couple of weeks. Now, quarantine keeps getting pushed more and more, so that it is longer and longer. People are getting restless and people are getting stir crazy. But people are dying from this virus. This virus that is going to completely change how this world handles situations and change so many future events. No one knows when this virus is going to be over. This virus is really going to change how sports and concerts and any other major events that are going to happen in the future. There is just so much that is going to be different when this virus is over.

During this quarantine there are things that need to be done, like schoolwork and work. Having a big family during quarantine is not all that fun. When you have to get some work done there is not really any place to go that is quiet in the house. But having a big family can also be really fun during quarantine because there is always someone around that is willing to play a game or watch a movie with you. Quarantine, the idea of it sounds kind of fun, but in reality it is not that fun because you are not allowed to leave your house or do anything that you would normally want to do. This is a time that no one knew was coming. It’s a time when we can all use to relax and get something done. Not a time to use as a vacation and go out and do things around town. We need to use this time to not get anyone else sick; to try and keep this virus contained and not let other people catch it. And like I mentioned earlier this is a time that no one knew was going to happen, a time that people need to think about what they are doing, and how they can be the ones to help keeping the virus contained.

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