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Beauty Surrounding

Sitting within nature can accompany many things. The sights, sounds, smells, touch, and even tastes allow us to experience the full beauty of the wild that God has created for us. The sights I see are a squirrel aggressively digging a hole in the grass, wet from the morning dew. He is slowly wandering around the pond and searching for other things on the ground. I can't touch, smell, or taste him, but I see his brownish-gray coat of fur, the long fluffy tail he has, the way he stands at attention to any sounds around him-- is fascinating. The way he plays within the grass and finds other squirrels to mess around with, it's breathtaking to see how God created him exactly the way he was meant to be so he could survive and thrive in nature. A very prominent and relaxing sound I hear is the fountain in the middle of our college campus which is surrounded by all sorts of nature and animals. The sound of the water rising and then falling and hitting the water on its way down. It feels like a peaceful white noise someone would use to fall asleep at night. While this fountain was man-made it is still placed into creation for students to experience this sense of peace and calm surrounding very long and busy college days.

For me, just sitting outside and watching the squirrels play or hearing the fountain run instantly calms all of my nerves to where I no longer feel as stressed. The tension in my shoulders and neck disappear all because of God's amazing beauty he placed us within. The trees surrounding me make me feel small in comparison. They stand tall and strong, only slightly swaying in the calm breeze. The extended branches hold multitudes of leaves that create a beautiful cover over the grass. It makes the home of animals, such as the squirrel playing and enjoying his time within nature as well. As it is slowly becoming fall, we see the trees starting to get some brighter yellow within the leaves. The way each leaf is made is unique and different. One tree has leaves that are green within and white on the outside, they have this oval type shape, and another tree has a sort of spiky type of leaf which is mainly green with a few yellow leaves. The branches holding the leaves are so intrinsic and form many different shapes of lines and curves. The branches range from short to long and wide to skinny. Each branch does its designated job of holding the leaves and supporting housing for many other animals to live in. The trees around me have many birds' nests and even squirrel homes. Hearing the sounds of the crickets that chirp day in and day out. While I can't see them they make this noise that you can almost always hear if you listen hard enough. Taking even just a few minutes to sit and just watch and listen to nature you begin this entirely new appreciation of what God has done for us and how he made this extravagant thing called nature and placed us within it. It almost feels too hard to describe exactly what it looks like and sounds like but knowing the effect and peace it brings is more than enough to truly appreciate the things surrounding us.

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