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The Power of Water

What power could such a simple little thing like water have?

Could it have power over the sea creatures that call it home?

Could it have control over the lives that use it as a resource?

Water can be broken apart into tiny molecules that seem fragile and well, are.

Water can bond together to form great waves that capsize boats and no human can stop.

Have you ever stopped to ponder what lies underneath the beauty of the ocean?

Does it sparkle? Is it full of life, if so what kind? Are the creatures aware of each other?

Is the dark beautiful or scary? Who is to say what is beauty and what is scary?

When the sun shines on the surface of the water, the ocean, it sparkles like never before.

The light, the bright blue hues, are more warming and welcoming than the sun alone.

How could something powerful enough to take human life also provide human life?

How could humans not be aware of the power of water, when it puts on a show daily?

How could something so beautiful be able to take and give life equally?

Too much water in the lungs can take a life, drawing, and there are two kinds of drawing.

Yet, we love to be in and around water, swimming, boats, diving, etc.

Water… power, beauty, grace, destruction, peace and chaos, life and death.

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