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Who Can Brace You?

I know we’re not there yet.

I know, Jesus, that we still have a long way to go –

But thank you, still. 

This is one of the first times in our country’s history –

In my country’s history –

That we’re not completely judged just for the shade of our skin.

That we’re not completely ignored,

or deemed ugly, for the shape of our eyes or the color of our hair.

What You did, Lord,

On those two wooden beams – for me and everyone around me –

Was The Greatest Inclusion Act of All Time.

Lord, I look back at the past few decades,

And what names I would’ve been called;



Child of immigrants.

God of ages past,

What do You call me?

Majorly loved.

The type of sinner worth dying for.

Child of the One True King.

God, no race, no skin color,

No truth, no lie,

No fact can precede You;

No weapon stands before You;

Nothing overwhelms You;

No one compares to You;

No tree can stump You.

Yet You

God of all that is within and out of my grasp –

call me –

a wretched broken sinner –

To brace You,

So that maybe,

I can learn to embrace you.

God, guide me. 

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