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Sudden Change

What is happening to my home?

I feel like I have lost a part of my soul,

I just want everything to stop;

I can’t seem to find peace.

Will I have a sustainable future?

Does anyone think about me?

I am unsure of what this means for me,

I want a full, happy home,

I want a fun, adventurous future,

I want the earth to know the spirit of my soul,

I want to know peace,

I don’t want growth to stop.

I want the grieving to stop;

The sadness and heartache to leave me,

So I pray for overwhelming peace.

I still long for a sense of home,

I want to grow old with my soul,

I want hope for the future.

I cannot pause the present, only look to the future,

It doesn’t need to stop,

My redeemer holds my soul,

My parents don’t define me,

Neither does my home.

I will still gain peace.

Brokenness can still hold peace,

I will always wonder about the future,

A broken home is still a home,

I don’t want life to stop.

My wounds don’t control me;

My circumstances don’t define the essence of my soul.

God is affectionate to my soul.

His love gives me peace,

In my Father’s house, there’s a place for me.

There will be a future;

The sadness will stop,

I can make anywhere home.

Jesus loves me, and he holds my future.

For this restless soul to find peace,

It needs to stop looking for an earthly home.

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