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Soulmates – are they real?

I'm not sure, but I think we are.

You see, my father was a short-tempered man.

Mama thought she could tame him with her kindness

so she penned him love letters, stamped with a kiss;

Father barely even noticed.

Mama poured out her heart and soul, but

my father didn’t speak her language.

Love alone couldn't save the day.

For years they struggled to make it work –

only building a home of living hell on earth.

Anger ruled my father's hasty speech with

my mother's eyes blinded by insecurities.

Love alone couldn't pass the test of time.

Eventually, they parted ways,

distorting my image of the vows they made.

I prayed to God to repair my broken thoughts –

help me find the path my parents lost.

Years of self-hatred fading to self-reflection before

God blessed me with you.

Finally ready for the next season to start,

and I suppose you were, too.

He intertwined our lives so we'd meet in His perfect time,

but somehow, I think I've known you since forever. . .

Tell me, do you remember me?

I've been mistaken before – loved so open and reckless

only to have my heart stained and marred

by the words past lovers never said.

I'm sorry I'm not as new, but

you smile as you kiss my scars.

You open your shirt to reveal loose stitches

like the ones on your favorite jacket,

where her words cut deeper than the knife in your back.

We counted the threads —

tears, hollow promises, sleepless nights —

but we lost track as we painted pictures of

healed scars in the balm of light.

Fools rush in so we'll take our time,

but if you wanted to stay forever,

I wouldn't mind.

I thought my parents were meant for one another.

One day my kids will think the same,

but this time, they’ll be right

because we choose each other day after day.

God planted the seed of love, and we'll nurture it, let it sprout

through the honeymoon phase and earthquakes;

first sparks and crippling doubt;

the good days, the bad days, every Tuesday.

You compliment me

when you smile as I enter a room or

mention me in every conversation since I linger in your mind.

You complement me

when you ease my tension with your bad jokes or

take the lead if I'm too overwhelmed to choose.

Love alone won't be our savior; we know there’s danger.

Maybe that’s the difference. . .

Soulmates – are they real?

I'm not sure, but we are.

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