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Soul Reaper

He comes between day and night 

Comes to steal your soul 

He is the storm cloud that hovers over 

And with his mist he dissipates your hope, 

You try to keep your ship afloat 

Bailing the water out 

And when you think you're safe in your boat 

He attacks you from under the waves

Cracking, splintering, shattering 

Into your ship's hallow hull 

His waters flood your world 

Turning it weary, dreary, dull. 

He invades the space inside your skull 

Turning your vision gray 

He keeps you awake yet exhausted

Through both night and day 

Over dread your mind does mull,

Oh what an overwhelming dread!

He weighs your bones,  

You can't lift your head! 

He drowns you in his waves 

No chance of escape 

From him, no one can you save

But you don't fight his waves

You can't fight them 

You let them drag you down. 

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