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Meditations in Exodus

Tell me what divination  

You find  

- in the hymn 

wrapped in this animal

- read the lines of my hands 

See I have walked a cracked path 

 through bodies fluid and celestial 


I have wandered 40yrs  

through wasteland  

mapped out in my veins 

(blood, poured out for you) 

I have made false gods -

built alters 

from my remains 

I have fled 

through disbelief 


- between the walls of the Red Sea 

(a body, broken for you) 


Dry land is holy land 

and I have 

collected dust  

in the delta 

of this little Bethlehem 

I have sacrificed  

on holy mountain 

howled my skeleton 

at the heavens 

- in mourning,  

in primal pieta pose 

hoped for echoes 

back – in the syntax 

of Rapture 

and Reformation 

"Jehovah-Jireh, give me a new name"

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