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Letter from the Editor: Fall 2022 Print Edition

At  The Crossings,  we believe art created in both pain and joy brings glory to the Lord. Creativity is a gift which allows us to wrestle and grow, and to better understand ourselves, others, and our relationship with the Lord.

As many of you know, in the past few years we have all witnessed and experienced tragedy and loss—both on a global scale and on our own campus. We’ve experienced events that have led each of us to wrestle with difficult questions, to struggle, and for some of us, to be angry with God.

But, in the midst of the pain, loss, and frustration, we can find hope—hope in the small things that bring momentary glimpses of joy—and for many of us, hope and peace knowing that the One who is holding the stars in place, who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or think, is holding each of us in the palm of His hand.

The pieces you read in this edition of The Crossings encapsulate this wrestle and paradox between joy and pain, hope and frustration. We hope as you read, we will be a safe haven—a place of rest, encouragement, and  growth as you explore the creativity, difficult questions, and small, beautiful moments within these pages. 

Thank you to the authors and artists whose work is displayed in these pages, we are thankful for the art you’ve shared with us. Thank you Jennifer Ochstein, faculty advisor of The Crossings, for your passion and leadership. Thank you, Lindsey Zimmerman and Silas Hackett, for your hard work in designing this print edition. Thank you, Hannah Mihut, Kadie Sue Martin, Noah Lee, and Elijah Bansen, for your attention to detail and dedication to this project.

Finally, thank you for picking up this edition of The Crossings, and for placing yourself in the world of another.


Michala Zappia

Managing Editor + Online Media Manager

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