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Don't Give Pearls to Swine

The savior is brought to him; in chains, he is bound.

Boisterous is the hall of Herod; mad with drink.

Herod approaches, yet no fear in Christ is found.

He is disgusted with this place, this vulgar crowd,

indulging in acts that make every spirit stink.

Among the laughing people, the true king is bound.

Herod taunts, in his vile blasphemies he is proud.

The high priests stand behind and accuse him in sync,

but no fear on Jesus’ countenance is found.

Herod and his court of guards mock Jesus aloud.

Jesus stares at one soldier and his head sank

in reverence to the true king, though he is bound.

“Perform for me a miracle” says Herod quite proud;

yet still received no answer. What does this king think?

In a pen full of swine are there any pearls found?

“Get this fool out of my sight!” he says to the crowd.

They take Christ out of the court while indulging in drink.

Out of the hall of Herod, Jesus Christ is bound.

No answer given in Herod’s court; no pearls found.

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