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A Crown of Thorns

I - Eden

The crown of thorns

Woven from an Imposter’s


How can I

Claim knowledge—

Claim ownership—

Over the object

Of my ignorance?

I am the snake

Choking itself on itself—

Unfounded belief—

In the Garden.

II - Adam

In the Garden

You promised Your love

Ad infinitum.

For a time, I delighted

In the salt-spray of salvation—

The roaring rush of redemption.

A river.

Until the base which I had built

Tumbled from beneath my feet

And I forgot to reach out—

Forgot Your promises…

I fell, and I forgot.


I fell, and I forgot,

But You remembered

In the midst of the swell.

The proud river humbled,

The blinding currents opened

My eyes

To behold You.

The crimson skies of my pride,


Prepared properly Your arrival

On bent light rendered visible.

A new promise.

IV - Abraham

A new promise,

Though I turn my sails

Away from You, ad infinitum.

You take my hand

And lead me to

Your House (ֵ בּ ֵ ית-אל)

Never shall I doubt

Again (a lie)

You who sewed the constellations

Into the skies of this new land—new

Era. For You have promised:

I am Your people.

V - Moses

I am Your people;

I cry out to You

For I am oppressed—

Eating my own tail, Beginning

Again to feel the growing pains,

Whipped by my very own

Nine-tailed nature. Yet,

Ever-faithful, (the ocean’s

Eagle-winged waves spread

To let Your Spirit guide),

Your promise

Guarantees a song.

VI - David

Guarantees a song

(Your promise does).

You put my pen to paper.

It is You who scribes a story—

A sprawling Epic

Of Eden—to be sung,

Sprawling—singing—ad infinitum

Though I may drown

Your songbook tomorrow,

You will still give me

The Beginning and

The End.

VII - Eden

The End

Comes on water, and I—


Look away. Instead,

In spite of myself, I walk to Him—

buoyed by promises,

To Him—

The Promise, promised

To crush underfoot

My unrelenting ouroboros.

It is He who bears

The Crown of Thorns.

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