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time. It’s absent in the presence of 

cynical heartbreak. When confronted with 

difficulties, it runs to a desert oasis. 

Time abandons both players in the  


game. Two losers cry over a bitter, 

inadequate ending. But the game is cruel, 

it doesn’t end. There’s a continuation, forcing 

both players to sit in the pity of their 


emotions. Eyes of cinder, smoldering with 

hatred burning through the skin. 

Hatred’s recipient, a soul drowning in 

shame. How could you leave her in 


ruin? Was she too broken to fix? Were the  

circumstances she couldn’t escape from 

discomforting? She struggled to stay  

alive in the warzone that you put her in, she was 


desperate! You were stability within the chaos,  

when chaos was a consuming fire. Flames  

engulfed her, and you embraced that together.  

But when you didn’t know how to escape, you 


left. And now you’re here, pitifully weeping on  

soft leather, because there’s nothing else to do. 

Keep crying, you deserve this. You’re alone. 

I can’t believe you wasted her precious 

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