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She Is Not What You Think

She is not,

a wave tossed by the sea,

Every situation throwing her

into the deep.

She will be the current,

a strong force that directs,

the water and all the creatures of the sea.

She is not

the fragile poppy blooming in the spring,

here to pose in beauty,

before the orange petals

disappear with her elegancy.

She is the strong oak whose roots run deep

And beauty is both

majesty and ability.

And though he will swing his axe

she will not easily be brought to her knees.

She is not

the warm, crackling fire

heating your sore feet

after a long day of work.

She is the wildfire

blazing, shinning in the sunlight,

roaring like a lioness

and roaming wild and free.

She is not

the chickadee outside your window,

small and sweetly singing,

existing to make you happy.

She is the hawk,

who fights and soars to great heights –

fierce, strong, and a mystery.

She flies

to care for her family

and to make history.

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