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Journey of Thought

I come from a home of grey

But I journey to a place of black and white.

And amidst this black and white are colors

Vibrant and strong

Exploding from the very words they are composed of.

We live in both of these places—

Not more in one than the other,

But equally in each.

The journey does not end here though.

We first crossed the bridge from grey to black and white,

But there’s another bridge back to the land of grey.

Not the grey we first called home,

But a new grey place we have not seen before.

In fact, we are making this very journey in this moment

And this second bridge—

Between intention and interpretation

—Is hazardous;

Many of us die on it.

But those of us who cross it

Find another vibrantly colored grey place to call home.

But we never truly say goodbye to the black and white

Because while the first bridge is only crossed once,

The second bridge never really ends.

Painting: Free Spirit by Stacy Lamb, Class of 2015

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