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Broken Heart’s Lament

I never once dreamed we’d

be torn from each other’s arms.

My heart feels overwhelmed

by the agony resting deep within

because you’re gone.

Without you, I feel lost in my labyrinth of feelings,

and conquered by the pain within.

Tell me, do you weep at night,

the sorrow too much for your heart to bear?

Tell me, does my face haunt you in your slumber,

and make you scream out in agony?

And tell me, love, does the thought of what we had

cause you overwhelming misery and crippling pain?

Probably not,

because you detest me now and have forgotten.

In your eyes, I’m a fool.

And in my eyes, you’re

the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

Is there anything I can do

to make you forgive me?

Probably not,

because you despise me now and don’t care.

I hate that we can’t mend our broken relationship.

But because we’ve been torn apart,

I’ve learned that it was for the best.

We were hurting each other

without even knowing it.

And because you’re gone now,

I can see the mistake I made and attempt to fix myself

before I give my soul to another man.


Autumn Byer is a Junior at Bremen High School who submitted her writing to The Crossings for the High School Writing Contest. This is her winning poem.

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