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Olivia Holtgren

Online Media Manager + Content Contributor

I want to contribute to the literary life on Bethel's campus as well as gain hands-on experience with the editing process! 

Olivia Holtgren is a junior majoring in English + Writing with a minor in ASL. This is her first semester with The Crossings, and she serves as the Online Media Manager and Content Contributor. Olivia is excited to increase the visibility of the arts on Bethel's campus and help others express their creative gifts.

Olivia grew up in Manistee, Michigan. Once she graduates, she hopes to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing (specializing in poetry). She'd also aspires to write or work for a program that specializes in providing access to the arts for underprivileged children. In her free time, Olivia enjoys hanging out with friends, singing in Bethel's choir, and participating in Bethel's Honors Program. While her favorite work is Christian Wiman's Joy: 100 Poems, Olivia also admires the works of poets like Annie Dillard, Robert Frost, Louise Gluck and T.S. Elliot (to name a few).

Olivia Holtgren
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