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Three Kings

Three sons of a tyrannous titan

Scarred outside as well as in—

Kings of Hell, Sea, and Olympus.

Separate worlds, yet still kin

The Underworld:

The world of Hades.

He commands his hell hound,

Bident in hand,

He rules the dead.

The Sea:

Poseidon’s domain.

The most greedy and ill-tempered,

He ruled the sea in vain.

The Romans knew him as Neptune.

Olympus: home of many gods,

Zeus’ kingdom, which he claimed.

A wise and prudent king and

Loyal to his kingdom,

Except his queen.

Three sons of the Titan Kronos.

Two were devoured whole, but not one.

The war of the Olympians and the Titans roared,

With the help of a fertility goddess, Metis, the Olympians won.

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