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The Sweetness of Revenge

His death would be a sweet release. Just like teenagers deserve to be sent to college. The satisfaction of seeing the pain cross my siblings face as they step on a Lego. Watching someone flail as they fall on slick ice. My ears screaming for mercy as Bethel students clap off beat during chapel. Feeling your feet burn off as you walk across the hot sand at the beach. The pure joy that overflows your soul as your brother is being pushed from the top bunk. I rejoice in the pleasure as my best friend pokes herself in the eye with her own finger. The laughter that builds as someone’s phone dies in a middle of a text. The delight I take in knowing someone just bit their tongue while chewing gum. The jubilation I have when a child gets their chin stuck in a zipper. The glee I have when a professor wakes up with a crick in their neck. The cheerfulness I feel when someone else breaks a nail. The contentment I gain while a person twists their ankle when stepping in a hole. The hilarity I experience while watching a mosquito bits someone else. The extreme excitement I feel when the straight A student fails an exam. His death would be a sweet release.

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