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The Race Card Project

My street: one name, two colors Beautiful smiles in brown faces lit. Race was never intended for discrimination. I wish white people could stop. Not you, you’re different. White—make me uncomfortable, teach me. Purple, Green, Orange, Blue. Who cares? To better ourselves we must love We’re all humans, not just colors. If understanding I lack—help me? Black and White need not fight. Boundaries should fall. Stop creating walls. Internship; German, white, Black, Diversity, Hispanic Stop blaming me for your actions “Once black and white, now gray.”

God created us, one and all.



Elizabeth Coogan, Brandon Barnes, Tiara Cartwright, Judy Frey, Everett Harbaugh, Lynn Ford, Josiah Hackett, Gaby Swartzentruber, Michala Zappia, Taylor Knight, and Anonymous Contributors Arranged By: Lynn Ford


Bethel University is participating in a campus-wide activity called The Race Card Project, an exercise that has been used by schools, businesses, churches and even the military to foster a dialogue about race. The purpose is to encourage honest conversations about racial issues and show the true spectrum of perspectives on our campus. Students submitted six-word essays expressing their perspectives on race and culture. The Crossings has compiled submissions from students who sent their essays to us for publication on our page and arranged them into the above poem.

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