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The Beauty of Life

Once the sky was always sunny, a smile never left my face.

Everyday felt like Christmas, full of good cheer and good grace.

This was when I was younger, the world full of surprise.

Before I grew up and discovered many lies.

My mother and father were superhuman to me,

they did no wrong that I could see.

The world was full of happy and beautiful things,

Opportunities endless, like I could fly away on my wings.

Then I grew older and started to see,

That there were not many people who saw the world quite like me.

I was six when I saw my mother cry,

And I was nine when my grandfather died.

Middle school brought family disaster,

And I wished that time would move faster.

At fifteen I had my first heartbreak, yet I still believed in love,

He treated me kindly and treated me like I was enough.

But at eighteen I got my heart broke,

And love seemed more to me like a joke.

I stumbled into college, viewing the world as dark and grey,

Hoping that I would find purpose, hoping I’d make a way.

With college came the loneliness, and fear of the unknown,

And the constant, lingering feeling that I was all alone.

My long distance relationship failed, and a few friendships too,

I loathed this new way of viewing the world, and wanted something new.

In the midst of all the sorrow and solitary,

There was one truth I knew I could carry.

I realized that the lies were only lies

And that the world was still full of surprise.

I found things that I enjoyed doing

And new passions that I enjoyed pursuing.

And I slowly began to understand and realize

That seeing beauty in the world comes from the inside.

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