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Panic Attack in the Ladies Restroom

Hold it in, get a grip 

Tighter, tighter, tighter 

Hold back the tears, keep it in 

Breathing- but not getting air 

Faster, faster, faster 


I feel the panic rising 

Get out! Get out! You’re gonna cry 

You’re gonna burst, you’re gonna crack 

Fear holds fast to my heart 

Ugly thoughts attack my mind 

Can't, don’t, won’t 


Throat raw and swollen 

I run to the bathroom  

To let my lungs let go 

I hyperventilate, I can’t think straight 

The tears are free to flow 

Dizzy, fizzy, fuzzy 


My head against the stall 

My breaths begin to slow  

as I force them to comply 

I dry my eyes, I wipe my nose 

And fight the urge to cry  

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