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Micah’s Bubblegum Psalm

  1. I swallowed the bubblegum I took the gift He gave, and it’s gone I had an itch, and I caved, I feel dumb

  2. Wisdom filled sayings from mom Get replayed on the tip of my tongue Frivolous fun led to ditches, I’m stuck

  3. Now this regret starts to numb, Open a new stick of gum, Notice how stupid I was, I followed the old route I’d run Tin foil is stuck in my gums.

  4. Who thought that preparing is tough? I’d barely begun But had buried my luck Now this isn’t fun— I’m getting so scared I might run.

  5. The Divine seems to cherish my fun, So He sits me down and walks me through it. All of a sudden, my whole body is moving As I look around, my whole family is chewing

  6. Swallow saliva, don’t chew your gums Intentionally chewing the bubble gum.

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