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how to write when i’m happy?

I’m in a good mood today, which is good for me because I mean who doesn’t wanna be in a good mood?

But unfortunately, it’s bad news for you ‘cause there are certain things I can’t do when my disposition is brighter than the afternoon

for instance, I lose all proclivities I have towards my writing. It’s just not inviting to write about sad shit on days where my heart is beating in time with the rhythm of the birds that have started to sing. I told you before so don’t let it sting I’m bad at writing about joy. And I don’t hate that.

See, when I’m sad, I gotta get that emotion out – my writing isn’t for clout; it’s free therapy. It’s there to see what my depression looks like as a Rorschach blot it’s a blood clot for my sadness and that’s that.

But when I’m glad? I don’t wanna write. Especially not poetry. I wanna go out and experience life. I wanna get high on a experience my body craves and get drunk on the love of the breeze, I need to.

So what the hell am I still doing on this page? It’s 45 and the sun is shining. So I’ll see you when the weather decides it’s time for more writing.

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