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Heartbreak Season

The winter’s chill

Is a different feel

One that pierces

The skin’s appeal

The wind’s howl

Lasts a while

The emptiness

Stretches for miles

Now it’s spring

And the birds sing

But the rain pours

On the vacant swing

Patiently wait

For sunny dates

Nature doesn’t


Summer’s here

The skies are clear

The days are hot

But there’s still tears

A deserted place

Without a trace

I packed for two

Just in case

Autumn comes

The breeze just hums

But I can’t help

To feel numb

Without you here

I want to disappear

I fall like leaves

Right off the pier

I drift away

With endless waves

We’ll meet again

I die and pray

Hope there’s a spot

As my corpse rots

To live without you

I just cannot

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