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What does rest look like? Could it be my nose in a book?

What if I tried something like painting?

Maybe painting with water. . .

I think at some point I’ll need some light.

Maybe I’ll start to plant.

I just need to find something that brings me joy.

What does it really look like to have joy?

I feel like I’m booked.

Running around, planting my roots in different areas

but picking up hobbies like painting.

Trying to find the light,

I pour myself out like water.

Pour out like water?

My cup is empty, Lord, please give me rest and joy.

You are light.

There is so much rest in Your book.

You are the ultimate painter

and seed planter.

What does it look like to plant?

Do you need water?

Maybe, if you show me how to paint,

I will see the joy in it.

Is there an instruction book?

What does it feel like, the light?

It’s a warm, comforting light.

I can see you are planting.

It’s all throughout your book.

You are the living water.

You bring me joy.

Let me start painting.

You guide my hand as I paint

a beautiful picture of the light.

It’s joy.

Joy was planted,

and you watered.

What a beautiful idea for a book.

I see you through the painting and the planting.

I see the light reflect off the glass of water you pour.

I found the joy you give through your book.

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