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Experiment with Writing Prompts

As discussed before, writing daily can help improve the overall quality of your writing; one way to help improve your writing, as well as help to create that habit of daily writing, is to experiment with writing prompts. In today’s writing tip, we will provide some benefits of using writing prompts as well as some tips on how to create your own list of prompts to utilize when you are perhaps struggling with a bit of writer’s block.

Writing prompt benefits:

  • Helps reduce stress about writing

  • Helps you to think creatively

  • Gives a single topic to focus on

  • Offers a great starting point

  • Helps eliminate writer’s block

  • Helps to kickstart imagination by providing something to write about

Ways to keep your writing prompt list:

  • Keep a box of your favorite photos, postcards, magazine/newspaper clippings or a file on your computer, to use as visual prompts

  • Make a word jar: make a list of your favorite words, sentences, or quotes, cut them into strips and put them in a jar

  • Grab a random book from a shelf, flip to a random page, close your eyes and pick a random sentence and write something based on that sentence

  • Keep a journal of writing topics that you may come up with when you aren’t writing, that way they are accesible to you when you may need them

  • Make a visual bulletin board for cut outs of pictures and words that can help spark imagination

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