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Empty Room

White Farmhouse

With room to grow

Upstairs, one is empty

The others filled

No light

Door closed

Keep the door closed

The only one in the house

We don’t take this light

Nothing will grow

In this room, unfilled


Why is this one empty?

No need to keep it closed

Grandma says it should be filled

There is plenty of room in this house

To grow

Open the curtains, bring in the light

With a look, I shed some light

There is good reason it is empty

For here nothing can grow

I am closed

Like this house

I am not filled

I am unfulfilled

This weight, heavy, not light

No child to play house

The crib, empty

Nursery closed

Here, no children have yet to grow

Not yet to grow

Not yet filled

Not yet closed

Not yet light

Not yet empty

White Farmhouse

The days grow light

Filled or empty

When one door is closed, one is opened in this house

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