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Like a wolf, protector of its pack, his eyes aflame, he stared down the boys who treat hearts like toys. He ignited my hopes said I’d never cry alone. He said I love you. I said But for how long? He said Forever and always. Like the winter cold, false hope bit our noses, but I clung to his neck. Blue eyes that pierced me like flames that lovingly brought hope in the starless nights, also pleaded for rescue. I said I love you baby. He said And I love you. I said Forever and always? He said Through thick and thin. Like sugar, his lips tasted like trust, his cologne smelled like home. Secrets whispered, shared, and kept, my vault, off the cliff I leapt, engulfed in his blue-flame eyes. Our flames became fire. I said I miss you. He said I miss you too. I said Through thick and thin? He said No matter what. Like ice, his friends touch his flame, careless wolves eager to escape. He’s captivated by her stare. My flame flickers with despair. Laughing his way up the sky, his blue-iced eyes stare blankly at my tears. I said Good morning. He said Morning. I said I love you. He said Love u. Like a nightmare, his ears numb to my plea, he blew cold kisses on my flame. Now 4:20 is their favorite time of day, the boys and him laughing with MJ. Mascara stains on my pillow all his promises lost in their smoke.

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